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10616   "Always In My Heart" On Heart
10613   "Always Love You" Heart
130304   "God Bless" Bracelet With Brown Band
110105   "I Love You More" Dog Tag
10405   "I Love You" Along Edge Of Open Heart
10502   "I Love You" Dripping Hearts
10614   "I Love You" Heart With Red Rose
10617   "I Love You" On Heart
130202   "Keep You In My Heart Always" Cremation Bracelet
10602   "Live Love Laugh" Heart
50106   "Love Forever" Egg
120111   "Love" and "Kiss" On Gold Cross
10410   "Love" On Gold and Silver Heart
10104   "Love" On Open And Closed Heart
60110   "LOVE" Pendant
10620   "My Dad Love Always" Heart
40104   "Only Love" Mini Cylinder
10808   "You Hold My Heart Forever" Pink Heart
60312   Acorn Pendant
60306   Airplane
10312   All Wrapped Up Heart
10707   Always In My Heart With Scroll Design
10622   Always With Me Heart
110102   American Flag Dog Tag
10202   American Flag Heart
80101   An Angel's Wing
70101   Anchor
10214   Angel Child heart
80109   Angel Holding Gold Heart
80113   Angel in The Wind
80108   Angel Wings With Black Stones
10634   Angel Wings Wrapped Around Aquamarine Colored Stone
10632   Angel Wings Wrapped Around Citrine Colored Stone
10636   Angel Wings Wrapped Around Clear Stone
10633   Angel Wings Wrapped Around Dark Blue Sapphire Colored Stone
10635   Angel Wings Wrapped Around Emerald Colored Stone
10106   Angel Wings Wrapped Around Wine Colored Stone
20302   Ankh Cross
50311   Around Large CZ
130302   Ball Bracelet With Flat Heart
130301   Ball Link Bracelet With Heart
60307   Ballerina
130103   Bangle Bracelet With Heart
130104   Bangle With Small Heart
110106   Bar With CZ
70304   Bird On Heart With Branch In Beak
70314   Birds In Flight
120107   Black And Gold Cross
60104   Black and Gold Horn
70313   Black and Silver Bee
130002   Black and Silver Bracelet With CZ - Stainless and Leather
50402   Black And Silver Circle Of Life With CZ
130001   Black and Silver Cremation Bracelet - Stainless and Leather
20102   Black And Silver Criss Cross
30104   Black and Silver Cylinder With Paw Prints At Top
10706   Black And Silver Dad Heart
60112   Black and Silver Fleur De Lis
10408   Black and Silver Key To My Heart
10705   Black And Silver Mom Heart
50401   Black And Silver Peace Sign Round
50206   Black and Silver Round Ball
20402   Black and Silver Striped Cross
100112   Black and Silver Teardrop
70111   Black and Silver Whale
50308   Black and Silver Yin Yang
60303   Black and White Boxing Glove
10804   Black and White Heart
50204   Black and White Yin Yang
40306   Black Bar Cylinder
130101   Black Braid and Chain Bracelet
40303   Black Bullet Cylinder
130502   Black Cable Bracelet
40103   Black Cross On Cylinder
40308   Black Cylinder With "Forever Love" and Heart
30105   Black Cylinder With Paw Prints
40204   Black Cylinder With Tribal Sign
10608   Black Heart
CH0007   Black Silk Cord Necklace
BB0001   Black Velour Jewelry Bag for Pendants and Necklaces
120120   Blue and Gold Egg
10626   Blue and Green Always In My Heart
10210   Blue and Red Floral Heart
20207   Blue and Silver Cross
40314   Blue and Silver Cylinder
10206   Blue Center Heart
70212   Blue Dolphin
10631   Blue Heart
10406   Blue Heart With Wings
70406   Blue Monarch Butterfly
70511   Blue Note Music Clef
20410   Bold Cross
130106   Braided Black Leather and Stainless Steel Bracelet
130107   Braided Brown Leather With Anchor Clasp
50105   Brown and Silver Egg
130501   Brown Leather Bracelet With D-Shaped Pendant
70208   Brown Turtle With Stone On Back
BULKBB0001   BULK - 50 Piece Black Velour Jewelry Bags for Pendants and Necklaces
40310   Bullet With Gold Tip
70409   Butterfly On White Heart
70412   Butterfly With Peace Signs On Wings
70408   Butterfly With Single CZ Wing
70407   Butterfly With Single Pink Wing
30312   Cat On Black Heart
40304   Checkered Cylinder
60208   Christmas Tree
10302   Clear CZ Heart
70515   Clover With Green Rhinestone
50408   Colorful Round Ball
120101   Copper Colored Cremation Pendant
120102   Copper Colored Sun With Multicolored Stone
60311   Cowboy Boot Pendant
70216   Crab
20401   Cross Heart and Angel Wing
50205   Cross On Round
20104   Cross On Shield
10708   Cross On White Heart
20405   Cross With Black Center Stone
20208   Cross With Blue Center Stone
20502   Cross With Blue Heart At Center
20412   Cross With Open Heart
20404   Cross With Pink Center Stone
20406   Cross With Tiny Heart At Center
20503   Cross With Yellow Stone At Center
20103   Crucifix Cross
60106   Cupcake
20107   Cut-Design Cross
40307   Cylinder With Engraved Cross
40102   Cylinder With Rose On Cross Pendant
40108   Cylinder With Rubber Gaskets
30101   CZ Paw Print Across Heart
10307   CZs Around Open Heart
10639   Dad - Forever In My Heart Pendant
60305   Dad Flask
10619   Dad Heart With Dark Rhinestone
50101   Dad Square
10630   Daughter With Pink Flower On Heart
70107   Detailed Fish
110101   Diamond Plate Dog Tag
10625   Diamond Shaped Always In My Heart
30305   Dog Bone With 5 CZs
30106   Dog Bone With Corner Paw Print
30308   Dog Playing With Bone
70204   Dolphin Heart
70202   Dolphin Jumping Through Heart
70203   Dolphins Wrapped Around Heart CZ
70310   Dove In Circle
70308   Dove With Flower In Beak
60202   Dragon
70311   Dragonfly
100108   Dripping Teardrops
50110   Emerald Green Oval Pendant
100104   Extra Large Teardrop With CZ
10612   Fancy "Forever Loved" Heart
20101   Fancy Cross
40101   Fancy Cylinder
20301   Fancy Design Cross On Cross
70110   Fancy Fish
70510   Fancy Four Leaf Clover
30212   Fancy Paw Print Always In My Heart
70401   Fancy Purple Butterfly
70105   Fish Cylinder
70106   Fish With Brown Stone
70108   Fish With Purple Stone
70103   Fishing Hook
10505   Flower On Blue Heart
10306   Flowers Carved Into Heart
60105   Foot
10601   Footprints In The Sand Heart
120110   Footprints On Gold Cross
10624   Forever In My Heart With Heart Imprint
20303   Four Points Cross
20205   Funky Black and Silver Cross
30208   Funky Cat
30304   Funky Dog Bone
60103   Funky Lips
20408   Funky Short Cross
70507   Funky Tree Of Life
F0001   Funnel Fill Kit For Cremation Jewelry
20206   Gold and Silver Criss Cross
120106   Gold And Silver Cylinder
10803   Gold and Silver Heart With Blue Stone
40313   Gold and Silver Mini Cylinder
10618   Gold and Silver Mom Heart
100106   Gold And Silver Teardrop
40305   Gold Bar Cylinder
120108   Gold Claddagh Cross
130201   Gold Colored Cremation Bracelet With Rhinestones
120119   Gold Heart With American Flag
120118   Gold Heart With Footprints
120115   Gold Heart With Gears
20501   Gold Heart Wrapped Around Silver Cross
120117   Gold Hole In My Heart
120103   Gold Pendant With Floral Design
120104   Gold Pendant With Rose
20308   Gold Ring Around Cross
120105   Gold Shell With Pearl
60113   Gold, Black and Silver Fleur De Lis
CH0008   Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Box Chain
50107   Golden Memories
10629   Grandma With Pink Flower On Heart

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